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Love to sing? Do your friends love to sing? Our professional Karaoke service has a tried and proven method to add a whole new dimension for a great dance party with DJ Dance daddy (Philip) Karaoke!  DJ will not only keep them dancing but mix in the perfect amount of karaoke into your party or corporate event. Our experience has taught us that guest tend to stay longer when there is karaoke mixed with dancing. If they have expended all there energy dancing some guests are thinking ”Well that was fun, let’s go home now”

DJ Dance daddy of Sound Investment Entertainment has one of the largest music selections in Philadelphia.  When you take quality sound equipment, a huge selection of music and a DJ who has excellent studio sound mixing skills makes even the most modest singers sound like a superstar!

Whether YOU love to sing… or just like to watch your friends sing along to today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites… Some of us won’t admit that we do it in the shower. We do it in the car. We do it under our breath at work. And when no one's home, we even do it in front of the mirror with an imaginary microphone and some of us even do it in the rain. Singing ballads, blues, show tunes, classics you name it! But what separates most people from professional singers is that professional singers often sound good. Fret not, though, as it turns out, carrying a tune isn't all that important. Psychologists say that singing for many people makes them FEEL GOOD and isn’t that exactly what you want your guests to feel?

To break the ice at your party or if there is a lull in dancing DJ Dance Daddy Phil who happens to be an exceptional professional vocalist, can sing a song or two to get the party going again (listen to his tracks on the “hire me” page). Having karaoke along with a great DJ is a sure fire way to keep your non dancing guests entertained all night long!

Note:  Karaoke can be added to your event for a minimal charge of $100